Using a vivid palette that gives a sense of inner peace and celebration, I draw spontaneously. Some visualizations come to me during a state of meditation, often involving geometry, fractals, or color gradients. Other symbols, flora, and fauna are drawn from my experiences and journeys around the globe, to create reminders of the lush paradise that can be found here on earth.

The mandala, a circular form representing the entire cosmos, is often present. Circular shapes reference that and many other phenomena at the same time— round shapes in nature, cut fruit, the phases and faces of the moon, the planets, the sun, stars, an oculus, an emoji. I have a fascination with the infinite nature of the cosmos, and the ways in which modern scientific and mathematical research come to support ancient, Vedic knowledge of the universe.

While working simultaneously across different media, I am drawn to the meditative nature and mathematical aspects of weaving, embroidery, and drawing. By combining natural fibers and dyes with synthetic plastics, color, and glass, I play with the dichotomy of the materials ever present in our day to day.